Traffic Management Plans

 Your Traffic Management Plans (TMP) made easy


If you’re planning an activity that will vary the normal operating conditions of the road; you need to create a Traffic Management Plan (TMP).


A Traffic Management Plan outlines how your work will impact the road corridor, and how you plan to manage that impact in order to: comply with regulations; keep everyone safe; and minimise disruption. The authority responsible for the road corridor will need to view and approve your Traffic Management Plan before you can proceed.


Traffic Management is a highly regulated area and failure to comply with regulations is a criminal offence. ProTraffic can offer you the expertise, advice and equipment that you need to get the job done safely and keep your business moving.


Urgent request? 

If you need to urgently access the road corridor, ProTraffic can help you to ensure you do so safely and with the approval of the right authorities. We know what you need to do to carry out work in a safe and compliant manner and we have the right contacts to help you to get the job done.


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We can deliver your Traffic Management Plan


Our Traffic Management team is friendly and professional and can provide the manpower and equipment you need to deliver your Traffic Management Plan.