Providing Traffic Management Solutions across New Zealand

Our business has been designed to create a single point of contact for all of your Traffic Management needs. With over 7 years experience working in Traffic Management in New Zealand, we focus our expertise on providing your business with smart solutions when you need them.


Expertise when you need it

ProTraffic can provide a full Consultation Service or simply deliver your Traffic Management needs. From planning through to execution; having access to our expertise means you can get the job done quickly and with the smartest, safest solutions.

Safety first and regulation compliant

Traffic Management is highly regulated environment where failure to comply is a criminal offence. We spend our time making sure we know the ins and outs of local and national regulations so you don’t have to. The end result is that you can get it right first time, protect your reputation and guarantee the safety of those around you.

A reputation you can rely on

We work closely with local authorities and organisations across the country and we’ve built a reputation based on our reliability and our expertise. We know who to contact and what information they’re looking for, and they know that they can trust us to deliver solutions that work within the regulations.


If you want to find out more about creating smart and credible Traffic Management solutions; call ProTraffic today.